It's unstoppable.

What is TON? Why is TON so popular? We discussed some highlights on TON in our previous article, and as mentioned there, we have since finalised our full research report which can be found here:

We explore the following topics to find an answer for why TON is so bullish:

  • Tech stack;

  • $TON coin;

  • Different aspects in the current ecosystem: storage, payments, DNS, etc.;

  • Top ecosystem dApps: DEXs, staking protocols, etc.;

  • Overall TON activity;

  • Current developments; and

  • Why we’re bullish.

Check out the full report for all the data, stats, and graphs:

But, to give you some interesting stats for now…

TON's total validators: 340
Staked $TON: ~520M ($3.64Bn)
Avg. daily $TON transactions: ~400k 
Avg. $TON burned daily in May24: ~6.5k

They’re building a huge ecosystem! You don’t want to miss it.